Teddy Morgan

Teddy Morgan grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Drawn to music from a young age, he first played drums before, at age twelve, the guitar chose him. As a young singer-songwriter, Teddy was influenced by Bob Dylan and The Clash, but after hearing an album by Lightin’ Hopkins, he decided to pursue a straight-ahead blues track instead.

Teddy quit high school at 17; the next year he joined the Lamont Cranston Band, which led to the chance to record and tour with James Harman and Sly Johnson. The Fabulous Thunderbirds’ Kim Wilson heard Teddy playing guitar at a club and took him under his wing, encouraging him to come to Austin, TX to check out the club scene there. Clifford Antone, the owner of Austin’s most famous music venue, Antone’s, flew Teddy down to Austin to perform, and he soon became part of the talented roster at the Antone’s label.

When Antone’s label formed a partnership with Discovery Records, Teddy recording career got a boost, as much of the Antone’s back catalog was reissued. Teddy has two albums out on the Antone’s/Discovery label: 1994’s Ridin’ In Style and 1996’s Louisiana Rain. His Hightone label debut Lost Love & Highways followed in 1999 and was picked as a Top 10 release by many critics, including NPR and Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker.

In 2000, Teddy relocated from Austin to Tucson, AZ, where he continued to record and tour with his band, and also started work producing and recording other artists. His producing and studio work led him to Nashville, where he runs a private analog and Pro Tools studio. It was here that Teddy produced an album for John Coinman, who, suitably impressed, recommended to Kevin Costner that they recruit Teddy into Modern West.

Teddy recorded and mixed the Kevin Costner & Modern West debut album Untold Truths as well as co-producing it with John Coinman and co-writing 8 songs.