Larry Cobb

Larry Cobb is a native Tucsonan. From his earliest days Larry was fascinated watching drummers and would sit in front of the T.V. playing Almond Roca cans along with the drummers he’d watch. When he was an adolescent he spent most of his time playing sandlot football, basketball, and baseball. He was sure he was destined to be a professional athlete, until one night he saw The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. That was it. He decided to add music into his life. Larry asked for a snare drum the following Christmas and received a beautiful Red Sparkled Slingerland.

In the ’60s every event in Tucson had live music. If a new store opened in a shopping mall there was live music in the parking lot all day long. Every high school, college fraternity, and sorority had after-game parties and special events with live music. The military bases surrounding Tucson had youth centers, NCO clubs, and officers clubs. Larry played at all of these places and events. Faced with the decision to play sports or music, Larry chose to do both. He was a starting pitcher for his high school baseball team. Because baseball was played during the day Larry had nights available to rehearse and play gigs.

After graduating from the University of Arizona with a business degree Larry toured throughout North America with several rock bands.

Predominately a groove drummer who sings and writes R&B, country, and pop songs, Larry is cofounder of Southwest Musicians Coop (SWMCOOP). SWMCOOP produces local songwriters in Larry’s personal recording studio and releases compilation albums.

Enjoying a wide variety of activities, Larry owns a custom home building business that focuses on green building and materials and passive solar designs. His team builds in harmony with the Sonoran Desert.

As well as being the resident house drummer for many recording studios throughout his career, Larry has performed with many bands including The John Coinman Band. When both Blair and John recommended their friend to Kevin, Modern West found a great drummer who understands the importance of space and groove in producing great sounding recordings and live performances.

Larry enjoys his time with the band. He is proud of his Modern West accomplishments. Larry is proud of his loving wife Carol, who keeps the home fires burning; daughter Amanda, who is a professional ballerina; and son Ben, who is not only a productive song writer but also Larry’s favorite drummer.