Blair Forward

Blair Forward grew up in Ohio. As a young boy he would sneak his sister’s records and listen to them in his room. Some of his earliest musical influences include The Beatles; The Who; The Stones; Crosby, Stills & Nash, Bob Dylan; Blondie; Patty Smith; The Eagles; and on and on.

In early ’83 Blair moved from Ohio to Los Angeles. There he met John Coinman and the two started playing gigs around Southern California. John introduced Blair to Kevin in ’86. Kevin, John, and Blair put together the band Roving Boy and they released a record in Japan in 1988 that enjoyed huge success.

When Kevin’s acting career took center stage, he, Blair and John stayed in touch working together on several of Kevin’s films and occasionally jamming together. When the call came a few years ago to start Modern West, Blair was ready, willing, and able.

These days, between the band’s many gigs and world tours, Blair lives outside of Dallas, Oregon in the foothills of the Coast Range with his lovely wife, Mindy, and their two dogs, Ger and Moxie.