Let Me Be The One

Let me be the name you whisper when you’re dreaming in the night
Be the hand you reach for every time you need to hold on tight
The one who’s there beside you when the worst of troubles come
Let me be the one

Let me be place you hide away when you need somewhere to go
The keeper of your secrets that no one else should know
Be the winding road you head for every time you’re on the run
Let me be the one forevermore

Let me be your true companion as you’re traveling through time
The one who will protect you not the one who falls behind
I want to be your hero I want to lift you from the flood
I want to pull you from the fire I want to help you rise above
I want to be the lightning in your eyes I want to stand and fight for you
I want to be the place wherever hearts are true
Let me be the one

Did you know the way I felt or did you just now realize
Did you know what you always wanted when you looked into my eyes
I promise that I’ll love you whatever moments come
Let me be the one forevermore