Craven Country Jamboree

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There’s no getting around the fact that the Academy Award-winning-director-cum-fledgling-country-singer had an advantage coming into the industry, but his performance with Modern West proved he deserved his spot at Craven. The band got off to a strong start with “Red River,” from the band’s sophomore album “Turn It On”, which was released in Canada on July 13. A storyteller at heart, Costner didn’t wait long to tell the crowd how he came to music. He explained that sometimes loved ones hold you back from following your passions, because they don’t want you to be hurt or embarrassed. After his dad told him not to pursue directing, Costner decided to forge ahead with music without telling anyone, and that he would be 90 miles down the road before anyone found out — the inspiration for “90 Miles An Hour.” He told another story about “Leland, Iowa,” a boarded-up town near the set location of Field of Dreams. Choosing to embrace his Hollywood side, Costner thanked the crowd for going to his movies. A sign in the audience read “If you come, we will build it,” a tribute to one of Costner’s best-loved movies. Costner’s newfound career offered lots of encouragement, deservedly so when Modern West played “Let Me Be the One.” For the love song, guitarist Park Chisholm’s wife, singer Sara Beck, came on stage to duet with Costner. Beck has a beautiful voice, and in her red skirt and black pumps, was in stark contrast to Costner, whose white shirt, black vest, jeans, scruffy face and boots made him look every bit the cowboy. It was clear fans had not yet heard the song when he introduced it, but it was the best song of the set. “Ashes Turn To Stone,” “Saturday Night,” and “Hey Man, What About You” were all foot-stompers and the latter got most of the crowd to its feet. By the end, the audience was out of their seats and at their most enthusiastic as he walked the catwalk and slapped hands, a sign his country career may just be up, up and away.

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