Kevin Costner & Modern West Rock Charleston!

Jaden Wylder, Carolina Nightlife

Kevin Costner and I have something in common. We got our first glimpse of music adoration while singing in the church choir. (Yeah that’s right, I was a choir-girl . . . AND an acolyte . . . whatcha-laughin-at? LOL.)

First, I’d like to start by saying to those looking for a story solely about Kevin Costner, this surely isn’t it. To me, as it has always been—and always will be—it is ALL about the MUSIC. It’s a story about one man’s real-life “Field of Dreams.” A life-long love of music. Most importantly, this is a story about how old friendships inspired and shared passions ignited a musical brainstorm, thus, giving birth to the band of brothers called Modern West.

Last evening at the Music Farm, Kevin Costner and Modern West worked their asses off, playing their high-energy Americana-Rock originals to an absolutely thrilled sold-out crowd of howling fans. People came from the Lowcountry and from hours away . . . and by the buzzing in the atmosphere, they came prepared to rock! Many came to see the movie star who was visiting their town. Some came because they were curious (perhaps even a little nosy?). Some came for the fun of it. The ladies behind me, Jennifer, Luann, and KJ, came to throw bras and shout out their love. And I am pretty sure the men in the crowd came with their women, in hopes of a little . . . post-party “hot sugar” (wink,wink)!

For this girl, (the wyld woman blonde nestled comfortably in the front row “mosh pit”), well, I was there to experience and explore, once again, great music that I have never heard before. To write about it and spread the word, to you, my readers, in hopes of turning you on to something totally different and unique. I am here to tell you, what I heard and saw last night far exceeded my already high expectations. They were all phenomenal players and it resulted in what I feel was an extremely magical night . . . not only for the audience but for the musicians as well.

It began with a great local rock band Black Eyed Susan warming up the crowd. I was very impressed with their bluesy funky rock show and a lovely lady, Elise, joining them on stage to top off the combustible non-drowsy nightcap. There’d be NO sleeping tonight! Shortly thereafter, a movie screen was lowered onstage as we watched clips of different characters Kevin has played throughout the years. I know those guys in the crowd were pleased when the love scenes emblazoned the screen, for yes indeedy, with a collective female purrrr, there was going to be SOME hot sugar tonight. 🙂 The lights went to bright in the back of the venue, as the crowd started to part for him. Mr. Costner was ready to take his place at center stage and do his thing he loves so much.

Sure, he was indeed the “star” that hundreds of people came out to see, but truthfully, he was surrounded byMANY other equally shining stars last night. Make no mistake, his vocals and guitar talent shone and sparkled brilliantly in the fantastic light. It was nice to see him with a fun, laid-back personality, the genuine person that he is (something you won’t ever see in any movie role). Just a regular guy performing his art and loving every minute of it! Way to REALLY touch and embrace the people, Kevin! I thought the coolest part of the night was the way his passion for his first love lit up that stage . . . AND how well the entire band complimented each other! You see, the little known fact is he did sing in church, play piano and later fronted an ’80s Rock band called Roving Boy (with present bandmates, John Coinman and Blair Forward). Coinman, a very talented singer/songwriter who was in charge of the music in Dances With Wolves, joined his longtime friend at his side and rocked the crowd with everything he had. Drummer Larry Cobb banged out a great beat and kept the crowd roaring to his every thunderous slam. Nashville’s own Park Chisholm, (who if I am not mistaken, has recently played with Penny Dale) was there, tearing it up, chronic music-lust exuding from his flamin’ 6-string. Next to him, was Mr. Bobby Yang, Violinist Extraordinaire, a man who I have to say, is hands down THEE BEST fiddle player I have ever seen! (Sorry Charlie Daniels.) Bobby is the master at transforming the fiddle into a straight-up seriously kick-ass rock n’ roll instrument! The great Teddy Morgan (new daddy) and Blair Forward were missing from stage this time (I think) . . . By the time the band introductions got there, I was having such a fantastic time being carried away by these tunes that I’d replaced my glasses with my beer goggles . . . I missed them. Sorry.

Ya’ll know me, the great sucker for lyrical content! They had me hook, line, and sinker with their heartfelt lyrics, their fun tunes, and the way they seemed to fit together so naturally as a band. Costner’s vocal talent is amazing and to hear it “loud, live and long” and have it come out so smooth was wonderful. You could see it so clearly on his face that this was what he meant when he said that this is his way of connecting in a more meaningful way with his fans. I mean, it HAS been said that music is the finest language that there is, after all! When wife Christine encouraged him to start the project, he thought if he did this, what could he possibly have to lose . . . if he didn’t, he may lose the best times of his life onstage. (I know many of you, my music friends here can relate.) I am so thankful that we here in Charleston could share in that with all of these fine, very gifted gentlemen.

This is just the beginning of all that I want to share about this newest musical discovery of mine. I would eventually like to talk with the band a little bit more about their songs . . . like the ones on their MySpace profile, their limited edition CD, their individual projects, their hearts. So let me see if I can work on that some. But for now, I just have TWO things to say in closing:

“Don’t Stop The Party, Boys” . . . and most important of all, God Bless Christine Costner, for it is she who generously brought to us this most incredible talent! Rock on and Amen, Guys!

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  1. Beth Armstrong says:
    November 11, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    How would one go about getting modern west to come to Park City to play a gig?


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